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First Post

Sherry Coolidge

 Did I hear fall back? Oh yea! if your like me you enjoy the clock turning back an hour, well at least in Colorado anyway.  I'll have extra sleep time, or...blog time, maybe get in some exercise (after much procrastination) 

With this being my first blog post I should introduce myself. I'm Sherry, a full time florist who loves the creative side of many things. Yes, I did say florist. So why am I making soap you ask? Good question! I got into soap making after wondering one day....what is in soap anyway? So, I looked it up. And that started my quest ( 11 years ago) to making my own soap. It was a rather volcanic experience( literally) as I learned the hot process of soap making on the stove top. I finally went to a much easier cold process method which I still use today. Have you ever thought about why you buy a certain brand of soap or what's actually in your soap? What you put on your skin does matter because it does penetrate through those layers of skin. 

Hopefully you've enjoyed this first blog. Have a zen kinda day and don't forget to ask.... What's in my soap????


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